This Web Site Incorporates
Window Within Window Technology


This web site incorporates, "Window Within Window Technology", (also known as, Picture In Picture). Rather than you get a new pop-up window each time you click on a link, (like you did here) a second window within our web site opens up. Not to mention that most browsers are defaulted to BLOCK pop-up windows. However, this new window has bypassed your pop-up blocker.

  This web site enables you to see the actual website in question without having to deal with new windows popping/opening up repeatedly. This often causes browsers to lock up, and in some cases even locks up the computer. However, some web sites still choose to use pop-up windows of which we have no control over.

   In the event the web site in question is down, you will either see a blank screen or a special message from their hosting provider.

   To learn how to host your information here at no charge, please close this window and click on the ADVERTISE option at the bottom of this web site.

  Note: Most computer programs, including most operating systems utilize, "Windows in Windows" technology. We offer this explanation as there are millions of people who simply do not know how computers work, or are very new to the web.

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